Real Wedding | Amy & Michael

Real Wedding | Amy & Michael

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Amy & Michael

Married 8th March 2016

An Interview with Bride, Amy

  Amy & Michael Sinclair (24)

Location:  The Sebel Resort and Spa Hawkesbury Valley

Amy’s Favourite Memory/ Moment of the Day:  My favourite memory of the day, that will be with me always is the fact my mother married me. It was so special to have her as my marriage celebrant.

Funniest Memory / Outtakes from the day: I think the funniest moments were when we were having photos and we were told by the photographer to smile and pretend to talk to each other. It was super awkward and we were just saying random inappropriate words.

 Amy & Michael Sinclair (28)

Advice for those getting married: Don’t over think it all, on the day relax and spend as much time with your (husband/wife) remember the real reason you are there that day. If anything goes wrong on the day just laugh it off.

Why did I choose Nics button buds?:  I wanted something super unique and beautiful, but something that would last forever as a constant reminder of that day. When I discovered Nic’s Button Buds I instantly fell in love. The thought of creating your own bouquet to suit your style and personality felt amazing.

Working with Nic’s Button Buds was a great experience, the team were so helpful and the outcome was everything I could have hoped for.

Amy & Michael Sinclair (55)

Final Comments: 

Nic’s Button Buds are an amazing team, providing the best service.

From the constant updates, information and guidance it was such an easy happy experience working with the team.

I felt so at ease designing my bouquets, and when I saw the final product I was honestly blown away.

Bouquets are so important on your wedding day – people are drawn to them when you’re walking down that isle and when you look back at the photos.

I absolutely loved my bouquets and my bridesmaid’s bouquets.

I hugely recommend Nic’s Button Buds to every bride out there.

Thank you again x

Amy & Michael Sinclair (49)

Photographer: Liv Style Photography

Social: @livstylephotography



Note From Nic:

Amy originally approached me looking to find some options that would allow her to have a beautiful high quality sparkly bouquet for her wedding day that fit her budget.  We spent time understanding the things Amy loved and then came up with some options to suit and what you see here is the end result.  We love working with couples and having an opportunity to be a part of their special day.   Whatever your requirement we are always happy to look at custom quoting options to ensure that your order fits your day to a T!

Amy’s bouquet was a special quoted brooch bouquet using handmade fabric flowers as the base to reduce the cost.  The underneath was finished in Tiffany Blue Satin.  The bridesmaids had our budget bridesmaid bouquets in ivory with Tiffany blue crystals. 


Concept to Completion

Concept to Completion

New Work

Occasionally i am approached by a bride in regards to coming up with a custom concept for her wedding, however it can be difficult to understand from a brides perspective how i will interpret all of the ideas and how the bouquet will come together.  Last year i had an opportunity to work with a lovely Aussie bride on this unique concept.  The idea was to take inspiration from a fresh flower and peacock feather bouquet she had found images of on the internet and turn it into a super bright and colourful display that could be kept as a forever keepsake from her wedding.

I loved the end result and hope you will to. This is the notes of how this particular bouquet came to fruition.

Nic's Button Buds 03012015 (438)

In the beginning……

Some time ago (many month in fact) a  bride came to me with some inspiration images to discuss the idea of creating her a bouquet for her wedding.  She had been recommended to me by a friend, however at the time i didn’t quite have a style that fit in with her ideas of how her bouquet may look.  That aside we chatted, exchanged notes and concepts and came up with a brief that the bride was happy with.

Brides inspiration……

The bride had saved a few images as inspiration to give an idea of the “look” of the bouquet she was looking for.  She also provided an image of the dress she was planning to purchase.  I make a point of creating unique styles, but inspiration images can help understand colour concepts, shapes, textures etc.  Its also a visual way of explaining what you are after and a good designer will be able to interpret those images with your notes and come up with a beautiful and unique concept for you.

The following are some of the inspiration images provided to me from the Bride.  I am not 100% sure of the original sources and have had no luck with google image searches, but if you know them please let me know so that i can give these people credit for their work.

The design brief……

The main parts of this brief from the bride were for the bouquet to be super bright colours inspired by peacock feathers.  (Think the bright blues, greens and pops of purple, she also wanted to have an almost purple/fucshia in there)  The bride wanted the bouquet to have a lumpy bumpy look and incorporate lots of textures such as feathers, wooden roses, silk flowers, fern fronds, beads, crystals and brooches.

Having a think about this i came up with the idea of also including some flax flowers from Sema @ Artiflax NZ, brightly coloured wire spirals, and custom colouring the silk flowers to ensure vibrancy and to mix up the colour and add sparkle.

When i was hunting for supplies i actually came across these peacock swords and after chatting with the bride we decided these were perfect for her bouquet.  The stems of the feathers are dyed (Teal and purple) which adds further colour to the bouquet.  Curling them over fits in with the wire curls and fern fronds.  The swords really shimmer in the sunlight and are a mix of bright blue, teal and greens, just perfect for this bouquet.

When it came to the handle and collar finish the bride had spotted some of my work from an earlier bouquet where she loved the handle and collar.  So for hers we simply replicated the same finish.  It was meant to be as i even had a perfect amount of the same two tone silk duiponi in my stash (a colour i can no longer buy)  The silk actually changes from purple to shades of green, depending on the way its reflecting the light.  The beautiful peacock sequin embellishment adds a striking finish, that helps to tie in the trimmed peacock feathers that adorn the collar.

The End Result…..

Loads of progress pictures go to the bride during the completion of a bouquet, but never more than when its a brand new concept.  Its particularly important with a new design that the bride is able to have confidence in me that i have understood the brief and that the bouquet is coming together the way she was hoping.

Nic's Button Buds 03012015 (424)

Its always going to be a risk going with a new idea, but for a bride that’s willing to step outside of her comfort zone, you can really get something truly fabulous.  Importantly in the case of my work the bride was already able to verify the finish and styles of other bouquets through my large online photo portfolio’s, so its a matter of trusting me (or your designer) to interpret the requirements right.

If you have an idea you would love to come to life, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I have a huge array of ideas just simmering in the background and am always ope to working with a bride on custom designs.

Through the looking glass

Through the looking glass

Nic's Button Buds

“Have I gone mad?” the Mad Hatter said.  “I’m afraid so, said Alice, You’re entirely bonkers.  But I’ll tell you a secret.  All the best people are”

Over the past few years I had toyed with the idea of creating an Alice in Wonderland Bouquet.  I loved the idea of making something whimsical that people could become lost in discovering all of the details.  Over time I had slowly collected little trinkets handmade buttons and other odds and ends that I kept stashing away, waiting for the time to be “right”.

Alice in Wonderland inspired  Rainbow Silk Flower and Button Bouquet by Nic's Button Buds

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”  Cheshire Cat

Then one day this year I was feeling a bit inspired, overwhelmed and to be honest in dire need of a holiday.  Unable to find a way to get focused on orders and not being able to take a holiday I decided that I needed to pull out a side project to get myself re-inspired.  So I pulled out my Alice trinket stash and considered the options of what type of bouquet she would become.  I had originally toyed with the idea of a softly coloured and whimsical brooch bouquet, but then I remembered I had a stash of rainbow roses that were actually an experiment gone wrong and I realised they in fact were PERFECT for the base of my Alice bouquet.

Alice in Wonderland inspired  Rainbow Silk Flower and Button Bouquet by Nic's Button Buds

“I knew who I was in the morning, but I changed a few times since then” Alice

I turned the flowers in a bouquet shape, and carefully started wiring all of the special trinkets, brooches, buttons and crystals that I had been collecting, just for this day.  The bouquet slowly started to take shape, and as it did I became more and more excited.  A key brooch leftover from another order was added, tiny viles of glitter were added, little buttons featuring text like “drink me” and “try me” were added.  I had some special mirror buttons made locally to add and even included a little rhinestone watch face.  Brooches were placed and then removed as I searched through my stash looking for those perfect pieces.  I got to a point with this bouquet where there was no more I could add but I knew it was not quite finished and needed something, I just wasn’t sure what that “something” was.  Time to put it away and think on it for a while.

Alice in Wonderland inspired  Rainbow Silk Flower and Button Bouquet by Nic's Button Buds

“If i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.  Nothing would be what it is, because everything would what it isn’t” Alice

After thinking about it for a while I came up with the idea of rainbow beaded flowers.  However being insanely busy with bridal orders, this task was put aside, until I decided to ask my assistant Crispy to help.  We both thought the rainbow flowers were a fabulous idea – until it came to creating them.  Now we create beaded flowers all the time, but they are normally single colours.  We decided to make these rainbow and have the beads all in a particular order.  It was a case of realising how much work this particular task was when it was already too late to turn around and go back.  I am quite sure if I ask Crispy to make these again, she may quit.  However we both agreed that when these were added to the bouquet they were EXACTLY what it needed to finish the top.  The effort was 100% worth it.

Alice in Wonderland inspired  Rainbow Silk Flower and Button Bouquet by Nic's Button Buds

“We’re all mad here”  The Mad Hatter

With the top of the bouquet complete I then had to come up with an idea to make sure the underneath was beautiful, but didn’t detract from the top.  I must of toyed with 100 different ideas when I decided to go with a grey satin collar that wouldn’t clash with the rainbow colours.  We then decided the faux rhinestone wrap was the perfect finish.  Simple, yet still offering wow factor.  The handle end was a beautiful Alice in Wonderland Button that I had previously had made, specifically for this bouquet.

Alice in Wonderland inspired  Rainbow Silk Flower and Button Bouquet by Nic's Button Buds

“How strange it is to be anything at all”

The creation of this bouquet was so much fun.  I love working with brides, every day I am honoured to be asked to play a small part of such an important day in someone’s life.  But it’s important as an artist that sometimes you get out there and create for fun too.  It’s special projects like this, the few and far between that keep us motivated, inspired and working at our best.

Alice in Wonderland inspired  Rainbow Silk Flower and Button Bouquet by Nic's Button Buds

In love with this bouquet and want it for yourself? Sadly as much as it broke my heart, this bouquet was sold earlier this year after a bride fell in love with it an expo.  She assures me though it she will take good care of it and love it as much I do.  However we would love an opportunity to create another Alice inspired piece like this.  Please email us using the contact tab for more details.

A special thanks to Andrew Sharpe Photography for assisting us with the amazing photos throughout this post, the white background really allows the bouquet to take centre stage.  The photos in the gallery section below are some ones I took myself.

Bouquet Samples Gallery | Rochelle

New Work Nic's Button Buds

Bouquet Samples Gallery | Rebekah F

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Bouquet Samples Gallery | Vintage Fabric Bouquet

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New Work

Bouquet Samples Gallery | Corrina

New Work Nic's Button Buds
Emily and Chad

Emily and Chad

Congratulations New Work

Emily came to me in late Feb to see if there was any way I could squeeze her in for a rush order.  Our ability to do this depends on a number of things, but in this case the moons aligned and we were able to help Emily out.

Emily & Chad had what I thought was an interesting wedding day and probably the best way to share the details is in Emily’s words!

I kinda feel the need to tell you about our wedding now (or lack thereof)

We have been together for over 10 years and 4 children, so getting married is now just a formality for us, and so that I can have the same last name as everyone else in my family.  So we have organised a secret/surprise wedding where I arrive in a limo, on the back streets of a dingy, inner Adelaide suburb, where our love first blossomed, to meet him and the celebrant on the side of the road.

We will use the limo driver and some stranger from the nearest pub as our witnesses, and aside from them it will only be our 4 children in attendance. We then do the deed, and pile in the limo and drive around to our family and friends houses individually and then jump out in full wedding attire and say “Surprise, look what we just did!” Hopefully along the way, we manage to find a babysitter for each of our 4 children and we’ll go away for the first time ever as a couple, with no kids. (and I will probably howl because I miss them the whole time lol)

So the bouquet will truly be a memento of our very simple day, I can’t thank you enough for the time and thought you have put into it, you have made it feel so special and so right!

(NB i told her if i was in SA i would of loved to of been the “Stranger from the pub”

Emily – you were so much fun to work with and my only sadness is you didn’t find me sooner so that we had the chance to work together for much longer.  Wishing you both a happily ever after (although it’s quite clear you are already living it)  xxx Nic

Now for a bit of fun I wanted to share some of Emily’s comments – please read them all as the last one is especially funny.

I just can’t stop looking at the pictures!!
Thank you, the details are just so amazing

OMG!! I might cry. You made them even more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined! I am speechless….!!!

Before I go, I was wondering if in 50 – 60 years time and our respective partners are geriatric or passed over, would you consider a Thelma and Louise type adventure lol
Thank you Nic,
I love you

Liane & Patrick

Liane & Patrick

Blog Bride

Creating bouquets like the ones we create is more than just throwing together some flowers or brooches into an arrangement that looks good.  Its about telling a story about two people in love, about their family and their lives.  It’s about creating an heirloom that will become a treasured keepsake of not only their wedding day but their lives together.  Liane’s bouquet is a perfect example of one of the ways we do that through a bouquet.

I first met Liane a few months before her big day after I advertised about wanting to put together a new concept of bouquet.

My idea was to have a more traditionally styled lumpy bumpy mix of flowers with small amounts of crystals and detail to still give it that Nic’s Button Buds Twist.

Liane lives in Melbourne so came down to my chaotic home to meet with me in person. As we chatted I just had so many ideas going through my head it was crazy.

Chatting to Liane, she told me about how her and Patrick had been through some really tough times together. She told me how a few years back she was moving a patient into a wheelchair when an accident resulted in her having the whole patient’s body weight on her arms. She had a sudden feeling of whiplash style pain.

The result was that she had shattered vertebrae in her neck, and ended up with one arm paralysed and her spinal cord was being squished.  There was also a very high chance she may never walk again!

Liane had an incredible rare surgery – an Occiput to C5 fusion to rebuild a shattered neck. Now I am no doctor but she showed me the xrays and I am seriously in awe of what she has been through and the fact she is still here (although in pain) walking, talking, smiling and laughing and being so incredibly open. In fact there was several times Liane has referred to herself as having a “terminator neck” or being like the terminator.

detailr2 DSCF1115

It was right then and there I realised we HAD to make this story a part of her bouquet – it was a key part of what had happened in her life and something that bought her and Patrick even closer together.

Nic's Button Buds 08022015 (27)

We had already discussed about having an eclectic mix of hand coloured orchids, roses and wire spirals but we added the nuts and bolts featured in the bouquet as a link to the nuts and bolts Liane has in her neck. The flowers were dusted with silver to give them a metallic finish and tie in the nuts and bolts a little further. The bouquet also featured a little watch face that was turned on and stopped at the time they said their I Do’s A little picture of one of her xray’s is also tucked onto the bouquet handle.  Amongst the flowers you can see tine punches of crystals to give that bouquet an extra element of sparkle.

Nic's Button Buds 08022015 (107)

I also made a bouquet for Liane’s Bridesmaid a wand for her flowergirl and some super cool steampunk buttonholes for the groom, groomsmen and her son. However Liane’s brides bouquet was the only one that featured the nuts and bolts, as this was really something to reflect her.

Nic's Button Buds 08022015 (78)Nic's Button Buds 08022015 (76)

Liane – I am so happy you came to me to have your wedding bouquets created as it was such an honour to work with someone’s that’s been through so much but is still smiling.  In addition to that thank-you for letting me share your story.